MD Complete Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate

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Upgraded with optimized fruit seed extracts for clear skin tone. Increased carotenoids for a warmer glow + more antioxidants. The serum's natural fragrance notes evolved to include citrus and clean floral with hints of fruit and herbs.

Boosts the results of other skincare by as much as 20% within 2 weeks! Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate is what our fans call liquid gold.

It restores a refined, bright and healthy looking complexion with pure Retinol — up to 10x higher levels than department store products — and an advanced form of Vitamin C used by dermatologists because it is more potent and efficacious. These nutrients are made more effective by pairing them with naturally derived Vitamin E, Omega 3-6-9s, and phytonutrients from fruit and plant extracts.

Highly concentrated. Absorbs quickly. Leaves skin feeling refreshed and renewed. This nutrient-rich formula is like a multivitamin for your face.


  • Brightens and evens skin tone
  • Boosts radiance for a healthy looking glow
  • Visibly reduces fine lines
  • Refines skin texture
  • Moisturizes and nourishes
  • Improves the results of other treatment products

Plus, it’s also great for nourishing hair, scalp, nails and cuticles.



  • After cleansing and treating eyes, apply 2-6 drops to fingertips and massage into skin
  • For best results, massage the concentrate deeply into your skin for one minute
  • For maximized skin rejuvenation, pair with Wrinkle & Radiance Remedy Plus


MD Complete Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate by Ingredients 

MD Complete Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate

MD Complete Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate